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Meet Mark Jackson

Clinical Social Worker

Mark has been a Clinical Social worker for the past 16 years working in the US and UK with various client populations from Babies needing organ transplants to adults with End Stage Renal Disease. The common thread with those unwell as he puts it, has been their connection or lack thereof with positive thoughts, habits and social network. The lack of these associations generally leads to decline over time. He realized that he was most passionate about helping people stay or return to wellness rather that assisting the disease state.


Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Omega Wellness

We focus on the five pillars of wellness and measure your antioxidant levels to confirm increase in your body's ability to heal and fight the signs of aging. We work with individuals as well as businesses concerned with the health and wellness of their employees. 


How do I look? One of the most important things to most people regardless of if they admit it or not. We provide the latest in anti-aging devices and beauty products to assist clients to look their best.


Often considered the number one catalyst for death. We will explore what your stressors are and provide practical ways to manage and reduce this. We monitor your stress and nutritional levels and work to get you to a healthy level.

Mental Health

By using various different methods including support groups as well as telephonic support we explore and support your mental health needs.

How integrated are you in your family or with friends? Does your perception match reality? We make a custom plan of support.


It's a forgone conclusion that our poor diets are impacting our health in a very negative way. We provide the very best in supplementation as well as general nutritional advice to promote great health and assist with weight management.


We offer spiritual support (telephonic) as needed to assist you with your wellness plan.



Two years ago I was told I had three month to live due to stage four metastatic cancer. With nothing left to lose I embraced my personal plan from Omega Wellness and today I feel better than I did ten years ago.

Mrs. Zena Blake-Jackson

Your Health Starts Here

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